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About Us

Praxis: the exercise or practice of an art, science, or skill. As our practice name shows, we’re dedicated to helping you enjoy a healthy, functional mouth and a gorgeous smile.

Praxis Dental opened in January 2016, offering the Pacific Pines and Maudsland, Oxenford, Gold Coast communities a comprehensive approach to high-quality dental care. Our dentist, Dr Ishita Puri, is dedicated to excellence in all areas of practice and provides a range of services to suit the needs of your entire family, from children to seniors.

Prioritising Your Comfort With Gentle Care

We’re here to help you understand how your teeth and mouth can affect the entire body. Together, we’ll partner with you for the long-term management of your oral health. We’re committed to forming positive relationships with every patient, making sure that you feel at ease during each of your visits.

With a caring, approachable manner, Dr Ishita will provide the gentle, comfortable dental solutions you need. You can sit back, relax and choose a Netflix program to watch on the television mounted to the ceiling, complete with noise-cancelling headphones and know you’re in great hands.

Our Philosophy

We believe in dentistry from a holistic viewpoint. What that means to you is that we see your unique needs and wants as connected to and affecting your entire body and overall health. We won’t just treat your pain or focus on your concerns but seek to find the underlying issues that may be present. They will be promptly addressed, leaving you feeling good and smiling brightly.

Putting Your Worries Aside

Modern dental care should be comfortable and pain-free. One of Dr Ishita’s patients was a young mother of three with severe dental anxiety. After finding out that we had a gentle female dentist, she reluctantly came in.

Scared to step into the treatment room, she met Dr Ishita in the reception area to privately discuss her life and what brought her in. She’d had bad dental experiences in the past that caused her to put off regular checkups, leading to damaged teeth. Our team slowly introduced her to the treatment room and instruments, gaining her trust over time. Dr Ishita was able to save most of her teeth with a combination of restorative, periodontal and prosthetic treatment.

Since then, the patient has regained the confidence that was lost when she became embarrassed by her smile. Today, she looks forward to her dental visits, choosing a television programme to watch and having a relaxing time while Dr Ishita examines her gorgeous teeth and healthy mouth.

Want to Learn More?

We offer convenient free parking and are happy to assist in arranging payment plans. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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