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Orthodontics at Praxis Dental

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Orthodontics Gold Coast

Orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that works to correct any jaw or teeth misalignment and ensure their proper function and position. Among our staff, in Praxis Dental, Pine Lines, we have some of the most experienced orthodontics available in Gold Coast Queensland. Rest assured, whatever is ailing you our team can handle it.


By committing yourself to an orthodontic Gold Coast treatment you will reap a host of benefits, including a more pleasing appearance, a healthier mouth, and teeth that can last you a lifetime.By committing yourself to an orthodontic treatment you will reap a host of benefits, including a more pleasing appearance, a healthier mouth, and teeth that can last you a lifetime.

How to tell if you need orthodontic treatment you are wondering whether you need to see an orthodontic or a dentist, the following list will take out all the guesswork from the equation. If you have any of the following conditions it is extremely likely you need to see an orthodontic treatment:

• Overbite & Underbite: The top and bottom rows of teeth are misaligned, causing one to slip under the other.

• Crossbite: When the upper teeth do not come down slightly forward than the lower teeth when biting.

• Open bite: When the back teeth bite together, there is a space between the biting surface of the front and side teeth.

• Spacing: Teeth that do not fill the mouth and/or gaps left by missing teeth.

• Crowding: When there are too many teeth for the dental ridge to properly accommodate.

Inman Aligner

In Praxis Dental, we always make use of the latest available technology and treatment methods to ensure our patients experience predictable, rapid and safe results. Inman Aligner is one such method.

With just one appliance, any crooked or protruding teeth will be guided slowly, gently to their ideal position – in a matter of weeks, you will have your teeth as straight as possible. Moreover, the appliance is completely removable, and you can take it out as necessary to fit with your lifestyle.

Treatment duration depends largely on the complexity of the case. For the vast majority of individuals, treatment should last somewhere between 6 to 18 weeks.

Why bother with treatment?

Even though an improved overall appearance and a pretty smile are completely valid reasons for you to undergo orthodontic treatment, the benefits expand well beyond these. Improper tooth positioning can cause chronic headaches and teeth grinding or, in more severe cases, a sense of dull, constant pain that creates everyday discomfort.

All in all, whether you are considering undergoing treatment for aesthetic reasons or because your quality of life suffers one way or another, orthodontic care can drastically improve your situation for the rest of your lifetime.


We regularly accept patients for Inman Aligner treatment. If you feel ready to set your dental woes straight, make sure you Contact Praxis Dental Pacific Pines today.